About Us


 Vale Royal Musical Theatre started its life as the Winsford & District Amateur Operatic Society

In 1967/8. although the Society did a couple of  choral concerts prior to doing a full theatrical show.

The first production of a show was performed in the Autumn of 1968  at the Winsford Civic Hall , and  was the

wonderful,  Franz Lehar’s popular  ‘The Merry Widow’.   Our production was  truly magnificent, and was 

 a show that still lives fondly in the memory of those who saw  it at  the Civic Hall all those years ago.. 


Many more great shows followed , and in 1988/9 the ‘Winsford & District Amateur Operatic Society

changed its name to became the ‘Vale Royal Amateur Operatic Society ‘.The name was changed because

it was felt  that Winsford sounded too localised when the Society needed to be seen to cover other areas of Vale Royal.


2009 saw other changes to the Society- we changed our name once again, this time   from 

Vale Royal Amateur Operatic Society to ‘Vale Royal Musical Theatre’ . The reason for this change was that we were 

concerned that many people saw the word ‘Operatic’ as a ‘put off’ thinking it was Grand Opera and not for them.

Of course  the shows are great fun – musical comedies etc.   

The other devastating change we encountered in 2009 was the closing of the ‘Winsford Civic Hall’ a venue that is sadly

missed by all our members. We all mourn the  closure, the Civic Hall had served us well for forty years, from our first  show

performed there in 1968 and  sadly our last one,  was a show celebrating  our existence of Forty Years as a Society.

Our final show was called  ‘Forty Years and Proud of it’ 

Since the closure of the Winsford Civic Hall we have been performing in a number of different venues such as the United Reformed Church in Winsford and the
Winsford Lifestyle centre. We are a friendly bunch of people who enjoy performing. We have a thriving Junior group run by Laura Sanderson who is very talented

 and puts on some great shows. 

We run ourselves through a committee which is made up of a very committed group of people from a range of ages and backgrounds who work very hard running

 the day to day business of the society.

We always welcome new members  (No audition required!) and are always short of male members.

Registered Charity Number: 1063054